Please take the time to read through these common frequently asked questions before the start of your trip. Teton Scenic Float Tours works diligently to ensure that you will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the duration of your trip. Get ready to sit back and enjoy the ride!

What should I expect?

Expect magnificent views of the Tetons and an abundance of wildlife throughout the journey. You will see a number of bald eagles, osprey, herons, mergansers on sections of the river. The river ecosystem is home of herds of elk, mule deer, and moose. The experience will be relaxing for you and your party along the calm river journey. Our guides will be happy to enlightening you on the passing sights with stories about the area and will spot out wildlife for you, sometimes they blend in so well with their environment it’s hard to spot.

What should I wear?

Dress the same as you would for any outdoor activity.
The mornings are generally cool although it warms up rapidly as the sun rises in the sky. It’s better to be overdressed in the morning as you can shed layers as the day goes on.

We provide rain parkas should we encounter a brief shower on the river as well as fleece jackets & blankets

What should I bring?

It’s best to be prepared, so warm jackets and/or sweaters are recommended, especially for early morning or evening floats. Life jackets will be provided, along with ponchos if in the event there is a mountain shower. Cameras and binoculars are encouraged; however these items are brought at your own risk.

A couple of other items to bring:

  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Soft-soled and comfortable shoes
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Small dry bag for a camera/cell phone
  • Water bottle
Will I get wet?

Not unless it is raining. In which case you will have the options below.

What if its raining?

We still run trips in the rain, but will cancel if there is any lightning danger.

Do you provide food and drinks on the trip?

We provide ice waters and sparkling waters. Guests are welcome to bring a small snack with them.

How long is the trip?

Generally the trips take 3 1/2 hours from meet time to drop-off with the lunch trip taking a half hour longer. At lower water levels, which can occur in late summer, the trip may take another half hour.

Will you pick us up at our hotel?

We ask that you meet us at the boat ramp if possible. The boat ramp is located in Rendezvous Park, which can be accessed via River Springs Dr. in Wilson. For the afternoon trip please plan for traffic as that is the commuter hour.

Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, cash is also accepted.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 4 years old.

Are there any weight restrictions?

No, but you must wear one of our life jackets. We have yet to have a customer who cannot fit into one of our life jackets and we have carried a number of professional football players as well as 4-year old’s.

Is the trip too strenuous for Seniors?

The boats are fitted with seats that have back support, and our trips only go through calm stretches of the Snake. If you can sit for 2 1/2 hours you will be comfortable on the trip. Our guides are experts at helping you in and out of the raft. Once in the raft you will be seated comfortably for the duration of the trip. We have taken many customers in their 80’s.

What about restroom facilities?

There are restrooms at the put-in and take-out access points. You are given ample time to use these facilities at the beginning and end of the trip.

Any Additional Questions?
Please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.