Best Family Activities in Jackson Hole

families activities in downtown jackson hole

Bison, bears, and moose, oh my! Wildlife viewing in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park is just one of the many activities this valley has to offer. Jackson Hole is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country but is also a hidden gem when it comes to spending time with family. 

Whether you are looking to hike among the wildlife flowers in the Teton mountains, cruise with the cutthroat trout of the Snake River or enjoy the various dining options this mountain town has to offer, we have great local knowledge on the best family activities in Jackson Hole!

Here is our list of the best family activities in Jackson Hole:

  1. Scenic Float Trip on the Snake River
  2. Family Friendly Hikes
  3. Family and Group Fly Fishing Trips
  4. Yippy I-O Candy Store

Grand Teton Float Trip

Our Jackson Hole float trip follows a 14 mile stretch of the majestic Snake River through the Gros Ventre and Snake River Mountain Ranges, as well as the South Park Wildlife Management Area. Just a few short miles south of Grand Teton National Park, this meandering scenic float affords views of the Teton Mountains and the surrounding Jackson Hole Valley. Known as the hatchery stretch, the section of the river offers abundant aquatic and wildlife including bald eagles, moose, elk, beavers, a variety of birds and more! 

As one of the most unique float trips in the country, each guest sits on a high-back cushioned seat. These seats allow for ample comfort and families to focus on enjoying the river and time with one another. The chair option is also great for grandparents and active kids who want to enjoy this Jackson Hole adventure. 


family activies in Jackson Hole - scenic float trips

Family Friendly Hikes – Taggart and Bradley Lakes

The Taggart and Bradley Lake loop is a leisurely hike to two alpine lakes right at the base of the Grand Teton mountains. The trail begins at the Taggart Lake Trailhead just a few miles inside of Grand Teton National Park, where you will find parking, restrooms, and trail information. We recommend enjoying the hike in the morning or late afternoon because this is the best wildlife viewing times, and the best time to secure a parking spot!

Once afoot, hikers pass through an aspen covered moraine before the path opens to Teton views. The first lake is Taggart which creates a stunning mirror reflection of the Teton mountains on the water. If your family is feeling up for a long hike, continue to Bradley Lake which creates a 5.6 mile look back to the trailhead. If you are leaning more towards ice cream or a cold one, then make your way back to the trailhead from Taggart lake for a short energizing hike!


family hike into taggart lake

Family Fishing Trips 

For those looking to enjoy the river and get a tight line, a family fly fishing trip with The Wandering Angler is the perfect Jackson Hole activity! Our larger drift boats, which can accommodate a family of 5, are a great option for spending time together compared to the traditional drift boat that fits 2 guests. In these larger family boats, siblings can spark up a friendly competition while mom and dad sit back and enjoy the mountain scenery. 

Family fly fishing trips are popular on the Snake River because of its proximity to the lodging in Jackson Hole. However, guided trips are also offered on the Green River, Salt River, and Lewis Lake in Yellowstone. No matter your angling ability levels, we will create a Jackson Hole fly fishing experience you won’t soon forget. 


fly fishing on a jackson hole family adventure

Yippy I-O Candy Store

What better way is there to treat your family after a Jackson Hole adventure than a candy store located right on the town square! Yippy I-O boasts more than 1,000 different kinds of candy including saltwater taffy, homemade fudge, and Jelly belly products. One of the most popular finds, however, is the variety of huckleberry treats. A Huckleberry is a small wild berry found in mountainous regions, that also makes for delicious licorice, taffy, milkshakes, and more. 

If you love the candy store but want dinner before dessert, there are some great options within walking distance of Yippy I-O. Some of our favorites include Road House Brewery, Hand-Fired Pizza, and Liberty Burger. 


family activites in Jackson Hole going to yippy I-O
Photo Credit: Jackson Hole Traveler Blog

There is no doubt that when exploring Jackson Hole these are some of the family activities you just can’t miss. After all, mountains, rivers, and western charm are what our small town is all about! Looking for more recommendations or local insights? Give us a call today and we’d be happy to chat about all the Jackson Hole has to offer.

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