5 Jackson Hole Activities for Locals

activities in jackson hole

Discover the best activities in Jackson Hole, loved by locals and hidden from the tourist crowds. From nature escapes to community gems, these five experiences reveal the true essence of the captivating town, letting you embrace the heart of Jackson Hole. 

Embracing Natures Beauty 

jackson hole activities and seeing the teton range


While local waters sometimes feel a bit crowded in the peak summer months, spring and fall are a wonderful and peaceful time of year to get on the river. The Snake River is hard to beat with its proximity to the town of Jackson and its abundant fly-fishing opportunities. Sections of the Snake River located in Grand Teton National Park offer stunning views of the mountains. Wilson to South Park, or the “town float” is a great option that is also pet friendly for those with furry friends. Further downstream, The Bridger Teton National Forests boats tall canyon walls and colorful fall foliage on the water. All sections of the Snake Fish well Spring through Fall and offer solitude that you just can’t find anywhere else. Check out our Jackson Hole fly fishing trips or Snake River scenic float guided by locals!


The Gros Ventre Wilderness is one of our favorite areas to escape the crowds. Across from Grand Teton National Park, this wilderness area affords great views without all the hustle and bustle of the national park. The Gros Ventre Slide Lake Trail is a relatively easy 3.8-mile round-trip hike with views of picturesque Slide Lake. This area is also filled with rich history around the Gros Ventre Landslide, where a large portion of the mountain broke free, eventually damming the Gros Ventre River and creating Slide Lake. Curtis Canyon is also a beautiful, moderate hike that leads through fields of wildlife flowers and expansive views of the Teton Mountain Range. 


If you ask any local about their favorite Jackson Hole adventures, they will likely tell you hunting for morel mushrooms. Morels are a popular and highly sought-after edible mushroom. These mushrooms typically appear in the spring between late April and early June, depending on weather and elevation. Morels often grow in areas that have experienced disturbances such as forest fires or recently burned areas, as well as moist environments near rivers or streams. It is very important to correctly identify a Morel, as other mushrooms are poisonous. Field guides are a great resource for identification and may even have some great tips for cooking!

Savoring the Local Flavors 

Jackson Hole is renowned for its outdoor scenery, but the local culinary scene is just as great! The town offers a variety of options from the standard Wyoming Game dinner to Thai-infused dishes to the best ice cream in the West. The Bird restaurant is off the beaten path, but the views from the back deck do not disappoint. This restaurant has a laid-back feel with a variety of burgers, wings, and of course, beers. They are also a hub for whichever sporting event is happening that day! Another Jackson Hole recommendation is the slow season discounts. Many restaurants in Town offer a deal of two entrées for the price of one! Not only is this a great deal for the customer, but it also keeps the restaurants, and their workers, busy even when tourist season slows down. 

Giving Back to the Community and Environment 

Each year, Jackson hosts Old Bill’s Fun Run. This annual fundraising event is one of the largest and most successful events in the region and serves as a vital source of funding for numerous nonprofit organizations in the Jackson Hole area. This event fosters a sense of community involvement and philanthropy. Local businesses, individuals, and even visitors can participate by making donations to support the causes they care about. There are a variety of nonprofits with focuses on wildlife, clean water, local arts, children’s needs, and more. It is also a great way to learn more about the nonprofits, their work, and future volunteering opportunities. 

Jackson Hole truly is a one-of-a-kind destination to visit and to live in. These Jackson Hole activities including river trips, hikes, local cuisine, and philanthropy make enjoyment for all!

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