The Best Scenic Float Trip on the Snake River: Everything you need to know

best scenic floats on the snake river

Life can move fast. So fast that magical moments can slip by without appreciation. When you feel like everything is too fleeting, choosing an activity that slows life down can bring everything back into perspective. That’s when you need to book a Grand Teton scenic float. Steadily following the soft current past dense forest trees and stunning mountain range views, it’s impossible not to feel and appreciate the magic of the Wild West. With an expert guide to help you connect to the surrounding scenery, you will have more than enough time to sit back, relax in comfortably padded chairs and appreciate every moment of the trip.  Are you ready to learn the ins and outs of the best scenic float trip on the Snake River? Here is everything you need to know before you book a Teton float trip.


best scenic float trip on the snake river

What is a Scenic Float Trip

Our Grand Teton Float Trip guides you through one of the most beautiful rivers in the West, with Grand Teton National Park views as far as the eye can see. With lush foliage running rampant along the river’s shore and several opportunities to spot exciting wildlife, you’ll find something stunning at every turn.

What is the difference between a Teton Float Trip and a Whitewater Rafting Trip?

Where rafting trips boast raucous water and exhilarating fun, scenic float trips focus on the slower and more delicate parts of the river. Instead of navigating rapids, guests on scenic floats can appreciate the scenery, listen to stories from the guide and even take stunning photos of the surroundings.

Who can go on a Scenic Float Trip?

Thanks to the calm nature of a scenic float, this excursion is great for people of all ages. We can take children as young as four for a day on the river.

Where does the Teton Scenic Float Tour Take you?

Our float trips take you through one of the most popular sections of the Snake River. We cover about 13 miles of winding river, but it’ll only take a few moments to understand why this river is so special. The area between the pickup and dropoff points is almost entirely wilderness, so you can easily get lost in the beauty of untouched nature. 


best scenic float trip on the snake river in our custom chair rafts

What to expect on a Grand Teton Float Trip

Our scenic float trips last about 3 hours at normal water levels and 3.5 hours during times of lower water levels. During the float, you can expect:


  • Stunning views – Our floats give you a front-row seat to the best views of the Snake River and Gros Ventre Mountain Ranges, all with the Grand Tetons National Park in the distance.
  • Comfort – We are Jackson’s only scenic float tour company with custom high-back cushioned chairs. These chairs paired with our Yeti blankets, binoculars, and ponchos make for the ultimate comfort ride.
  • Wildlife sightings – You will see some bald eagles, osprey, herons and mergansers on sections of the river. If you’re lucky, you may see some larger wildlife as well – the river ecosystem is also home to herds of elk, mule deer, and moose.
  • Interesting info about the area – Our guides live and breathe the region, so they have endless stories, facts and discussions about the Snake River and the surrounding area to share.


Other Grand Teton Activities to Try

Want to get the most out of your adventure among the Grand Tetons? Consider one of these trips that keep you in the center of this stunning outdoor scenery.

Fly fishing

Wyoming has some of the West’s most impressive and beautiful fly fishing locations, specifically the Snake, Salt and Green Rivers. Try casting out into these fish-filled waters on a Jackson Hole fly fishing trip. We can supply all the gear, guidance and knowledge you need to have a successful day on the river. 

Wildlife tours

Enjoy the iconic Grand Teton Mountains with an expert naturalist guide. With both summer wildlife tours and winter wildlife tours available, you can access wildlife, photo ops, interesting facts and a unique outdoor experience year-round. 

Book the best scenic float trip on the Snake River today!

From top-of-the-line transportation in comfortable high-roof transit vans to the quality gear to expert guides, Teton Scenic Float Tours will provide a fantastic day on the river. Reach out to our team to plan your float trip on the Snake River in Jackson Hole.

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