Jackson Hole Scenic Float Tours

IMG_1285Scenic Float Trips down the most popular section of the Snake River. This 13 mile float trip down the majestic Snake River affords fantastic views of the Teton and Snake River mountain ranges and offers a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities.

This area is renowned for its abundant Bald Eagle population. You will definitely see these magnificent creatures and you may also see Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Sandhill Cranes and a variety of hawks and falcons as well as our resident population of White Pelicans, a rare sight this far from the ocean.  Towards the end of the trip you pass along the South Park Wildlife Management Area, an area known for its abundant wildlife.

Teton Scenic Float Tours wants want to make your scenic float trip an experience you will never forget.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

By Heather – August 13, 2013

Frances is visiting me from Virginia and this was her first time ever in Jackson, or Wyoming for that matter. We wanted the experience to be a good one and I knew going in that we would be taken care of.

Matt took good care of our group; we shared a boat with a lovely family consisting of grandparents with their grandkids. We all had fun sharing stories and goofing off together. We counted 12 bald eagles we saw that day, 2 pelicans, and some ducks. We took the 11:30am to 3:30pm float and it was a perfect time frame. A little cool air from the morning and we welcomed the warmth of the afternoon. I highly recommend Teton Scenic Float Tours for a fun Wilson to South Park experience.


Other wildlife you may encounter on the river include Moose, Elk, Deer. Beaver and River Otters.
Sightings of these animals occur from time to time and are most frequent in the cooler morning and late afternoon hours.