South Park Wildlife Management Area

South Park Wildlife Habitat Management Area is eight miles south of Jackson on U.S. Highway 26/89.  This 1,200-acre area, of which 560 acres are leased to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, is one of several elk feeding grounds in the Teton and Hoback areas.  The area was established in 1939 to reduce damage to private lands caused by elk.  Approximately 1,000 head of wintering elk are fed here daily from horse-drawn sleighs four months of the year.

At an elevation of almost 6,000 feet, South Park consists mostly of river bottom habitat along the Snake River.  A small portion east of the highway is considered foothills.  There are cottonwoods and meadows along the river.  Besides elk, mule deer, moose, many songbirds, small mammals and fish also use this area.  With the Snake River and Flat Creek winding through the area and more than 50 acres of wetlands, opportunities for viewing osprey, trumpeter swans, bald eagles and waterfowl are excellent.

south park wildlife management area map

Courtesy of Wyoming Game & Fish Department

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